The Breaking Point album cover

CP-010Breaking Point

Breaking Point

TIERGARTEN’s debut album Breaking Point is out now! The album is called Breaking Point because many of the songs feature characters who are at breaking point. It also seemed like a phrase that captures many aspects of the times we are living through.

TIERGARTEN believe that pop music has a role to play in chronicling and commenting on contemporary events, an art that seems largely lost nowadays. A lot of modern pop music seems to be about the artist themselves.


  1. The Tragedy Of Kraftwerk
  2. A Selfie With You
  3. The Face In The Photograph
  4. Contactless
  5. Waves
  6. As If
  7. Yesterday’s Tomorrow
  8. What Would Marcus Do?
  9. Heyday
  10. Solving For Love

Thank you to our singers and to Ziv Shalev for guitar on tracks 8 and 9.
Mixed and mastered by Doctor Mix.


The What Would Marcus Do? single cover

CP-013What Would Marcus Do?

The A Selfie With You single cover

CP-012A Selfie With You

The Heyday single cover


The Yesterday’s Tomorrow single cover

CP-009Yesterday’s Tomorrow

The As If single cover

CP-008As If